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Amarpurkashi Project in India: Gramodaya Primary School

Volunteers help with the morning assembly

the project opened its own primary school so that all children in the village could afford a good education

Volunteers assist the teachers with a class outside in the spring sunshine

the primary school building

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi

A primary school in an Indian village

The Gramodaya Primary School opened in 1987 with 100 pupils. Now there are over 200 of whom 40% are girls. There was no school building then and at one stage, classes took place in a cattle barn! Then, in 1999, a volunteer raised enough money to build proper classrooms and another volunteer paid for electricity to be connected and fans installed. Another volunteer, a nurse, initiated a vitamin scheme which has now been running for 18 years. The children receive vitamin A and D pills regularly and this has made a significant difference to their general health.

VRI also supports the school by giving scholarships to pay the fees, books and uniform of students from very poor families. Gramodaya Primary School is a popular place for volunteers to work in. Some of the things that volunteers have done include:

  • Making simple aids to help the teaching be more interactive
  • Taking small groups of children outside and helping them with their spoken English
  • Introducing new games and PE exercises
  • Organising a sports day
  • Holding lessons in Art
  • Making a variety of craft items with the students
  • Teaching students simple songs in English

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