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Amarpurkashi Project in India: Other activities

villagers attending a training course provided by the project

the Amarpurkashi project provides training

young boy works with exhibits at the science fair

the science fair is popular with local schools

a female student at the computer centre

the computer centre gives students and villagers the opportunity to gain computer skills

Other Activities

When new seeds and fertilisers come onto the market, the project tests them out first and provides demonstrations for local farmers. It also organises seminars, conferences, workshops and short training programs. It has become well-known for the success of its training and was asked to conduct training for the development workers of Tata and the managers of Canara Bank.

Every year in October, a Science Fair is held where every project activity is represented in some way. The students give scientific demonstrations, present songs and dances, enact scenes from historical epics and show what they have learnt at school. The Health Education staff set up a stall and college students put on their own original dramas. This fair has become so popular that busloads of schoolchildren from nearby towns and villages come to see it.

In 2007, the project signed a franchise with Tarahaat, a Delhi-based organisation. With their help, we now run a small computer centre in the college campus, providing college students and local villagers with the opportunity to acquire computer skills.

The project is championing the cause of farmers whose land is being destroyed by pollution from local paper mills.

The project is the registered office for an international organisation, INTAF (International Task Force for the Rural Poor) which is a network of rural development workers worldwide. Every three years, an international conference is held, attracting development workers from many countries. The last one was held in Amarpurkashi in November 2008.

A twice-yearly research journal, the IJRS (International Journal of Rural Studies) is produced from Amarpurkashi. It publicises the work of development projects, prints articles on a wide range of development topics, reviews current publications in the field of rural development and encourages development experts and workers to contribute articles of relevance and interest.

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