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VRI Child Scholarship Fund: July 2002 - June 2003

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Financial summary

The balance of the Childrens Scholarship fund in July 2002 was 10,048.52.
Over the course of the year, 7,691 was transferred to the project in India (consisting of one transfer of 4,691 in July 2002, and a further transfer of 3,000 in January 2003.)
Total income during the year was 3,589.09, and a further 1,940 was transferred in June 2003 to cover the year 2003/4 (see the following report), leaving a closing balance in June 2003 of 4,006.61.

Summary of activities funded

During this year, there were 337 pupils at the primary school, of whom 97 were girls. 80% of the pupils were from the "Backward" castes, and 5% from the "Scheduled" castes.
The Intercollege continued to grow rapidly, with a total of 718 pupils this year, of whom 176 were girls. 54% of pupils were from the "Backward" castes and 18% from the "Scheduled" caste. The college has just received permission to classes in Science and Mathematics at "Inter" level (age 15-17) from July 2003.

60 children from the primary school (34 boys and 26 girls) and 16 from the intercollege (10 boys and 6 girls) have been given scholarships for the current academic year.

A training session for the primary schoolteachers was provided and their salaries supplemented.

Expenses were paid for some volunteer activities, such as paint for murals and floor paintings.

In March 2002, one of the Project Visitors from 2001/2 kindly donated money towards the electrification of the primary school. The remaining costs came from the Children's Fund and there is now electricity in all the primary school classrooms. Fans have been fitted.

The primary school building was improved, the roofs retiled and a one-metre high wall erected on the roofs to make them safe for children.

As the Intercollege school gains a reputation for quality education, more and more villagers send their children from further and further away. Because of this, accommodation is now needed for children who live too far away to attend as day pupils. A hostel was built in December 2002. It will be used both by students of the degree college, and students of the Intercollege. It consists of 13 double bedrooms, 5 3-bed rooms and a paved courtyard, at a total cost of 4,785. Most of this cost is being met from the Childrens Scholarship Fund**: this is partly because the hostel will be used by Intercollege students, and partly because the expansion of the degree college is seen as a long-term benefit for the schoolchildren, giving them the opportunity to progress into affordable higher education while remaining in a familiar rural environment. Few of these children (especially the girls) would otherwise have this opportunity.

** Note (added 15 July 2006) it was later possible for the project to repay 1100 back to Child Scholarship funds; see report for 2004-5

Breakdown of spending

Scholarships 856.86
Primary Teachers salary enhancement 921.43
Expenses of volunteer activities in the school for 2 years (e.g. paint for murals) 250
Remaining cost of primary school electrification, light and fans 150
Building work on the Primary school 1347.24
Contribution to cost of new Hostel 4165.47 (of which 1100 subsequently repaid back to Child Scholarship funds)
Total 7691

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - detail of scholarships

Note: scholarships are paid in Rupees. Amounts are quoted in pounds sterling for comparison, using Rs70 = 1

Items No. of Children Of which were girls Of which were general caste Of which were "backward" caste Of which were scheduled caste Amount per child Total Total in
One year’s fees - - - - - - - -
Books - - - - - - - -
School clothing - - - - - - - -
Children benefited 60 26 6 48 6 - Rs 36,540 522

Breakdown by class:

Class No. of Children Amount
Nursery 5 Rs 3050
Kindergarten 7 Rs 4270
Year 1 7 Rs 610
Year 2 10 Rs 6700
Year 3 12 Rs 8040
Year 4 10 Rs 7300
Year 5 9 Rs 6570

Krishi Audyogik Intercollege, Amarpurkashi - detail of scholarships

Items Children Of which were girls General caste Backward Scheduled Amount per child Total Total in
Fees and books (junior classes) 7 3 3 4 0 Rs 530* Rs 3,660 52
Fees, books and uniform (junior classes) 3 0 0 3 0 680-730 Rs 2,140 31
Fees and uniform (senior classes) 3 0 0 3 0 Rs 920 Rs 2,760 39
Fees (or fee supplement) only (senior classes) 3 3 2 1 0 600-840 Rs 2,160 31
Total 16 6 5 11 0 - Rs 10,720 153

* One pupil received Rs 480, not 530, for Fees and Books Note the amounts received vary because children of different caste groups receive different levels of Government subsidy. No scheduled caste Intercollege students received IVCS scholarships, because they already have their fees paid in full by the Indian Government.

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