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VRI Child Scholarship Fund: July 2004 - June 2005

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Financial summary

The balance of the Childrens Scholarship fund at 30 June 2004 was 5,155.73.

The income during the year was 2,379.

The amount transferred to India during the year was 1,625.

The balance at 30 June 2005 was 5,909.

In addition, 500 was already held in reserve at APK (from CSF in 2003-4 and originally intended for the Samiksha school project, which did not go ahead). 162.50 of this was given to other schools in the area, leaving a balance of 337.50 at the end of the year.

The 1,625 transferred to India this year was for schools in other villages (see below). The cost of scholarships, teacher salary supplements and other assistance to the APK schools was met from existing project funds, as a way of reimbursing the CSF for an earlier loan given for building lecture rooms.

Expenditure summary

Expenditure on APK schools (from existing project funds):
  • £462 (Rs 37,000) has been disbursed in scholarships for pupils of Gramodaya Primary School (see below for detailed breakdown)
  • approximately £600 was spent on salary enhancements for the primary school teachers (7 teachers and a headmistress), to bring their salaries up to local levels
  • approximately £55 was spent on teacher training
Expenditure on other schools:
  • £125 (Rs 10,000) was donated to a new primary school in another village (Karia Mayee)
  • £1500 - building a new classroom at Jafar Pur school

Progress reports

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - general progress

There are now 242 children enrolled in the school, all of whom are benefiting from the improvements provided through the Children's Scholarship Fund in previous years. The academic year began well with the appointment of a highly-qualified and dynamic young headmistress. The demonstration that her class put on in the Science Fair was one of the highlights of the show. Unfortunately, she left in early February as she had the opportunity of a good government job in the police force. In March, quite by chance, a young woman from a nearby village came to apply for a teaching job so things are looking up again.

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - detail of scholarships for year 2004-5

79 children were identified as particularly needy. Their school fees have been paid through the scholarship fund. Some of these children have also received help with books and clothes, as follows:-

Class Fees
Nursery 12
Kindergarten 9
Year 1 18
Year 2 12
Year 3 10
Year 4 10
Year 5 8

Krishi Audyogik Intercollege, Amarpurkashi

There are now 824 children enrolled in the school, of whom 27% are girls. 83% of the children come from Scheduled and Backward castes (the castes which are classed by the Indian Government as underprivileged).

Two new classrooms have recently been added to the school, and a large new office has been built.

This year, the Indian Government provided scholarships for all needy children, not just children from the Scheduled and Backward castes, and so no scholarships were needed from project funds.

Vimla Devi School, Karia Mayee, District Budaun

Vimla Devi School School was set up in July 2004 by Munna Singh, a science teacher at the Inter college in Amarpurkashi.

The IVCS General Secretary and Field Director both went to attend a special function at the school in December 2004 and were very impressed.

The Children's Scholarship Fund has therefore donated Rs 10,000 (around 125) to this school.

Jafar Pur School

As described in the report for 2003/4, the Amarpurkashi Project is helping the people from the village of Jafarpur with the secondary school they started recently.

The school now has 80 students in Year 6, 20 in Year 7, and 11 in Year 8, and 12% are girls. Three full time teachers from local villages are employed. Guidance and leadership are provided by a member of staff from the Amarpurkashi project.

This year, 1,500 was donated from the Children's Scholarship Fund to provide a new classroom for the school.

Chandausi school

100 was donated to this successful school in the nearby town of Chandausi, to assist with the education of less well-off pupils.

Gumsani school

50 was donated to this small school in a deprived rural area.

school in Bilari

12.50 was donated to a school in the nearby town of Bilari.

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