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VRI Child Scholarship Fund: July 2006 - June 2007

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Financial summary

The balance at 30 June 2006 was 5,710.62.

The income during the year (including interest) was 2,010.52
(In addition, a donation of 784 for Jafar Pur was received into the Rural Development Fund - see RDF report for details)

1,620 was transferred to India in July 2006
745 was transferred to India in January 2007
i.e. total transfer of 2365 during the year July 2006-June 2007.

The balance at 30 June 2007 was 5,356.14

In addition to the transfer, there was a balance of 159.50 already held in reserve at APK. (This was the balance of the funds transferred from CSF in 2003-4, originally intended for the Samiksha school project, which did not go ahead) This has been carried forward to 2007-8.

Expenditure breakdown

Planned and actual expenditure on APK schools:
  • £445 covering fees for 75 pupils of Gramodaya Primary School, and school uniform for 12 pupils
  • £592 on salary enhancements for the primary school teachers and headmistress, to bring their salaries up to local levels
  • £250 for teacher training, of which 171 was spent on training sessions during the year (see below for details), and 59 carried forward into 2007-8
    (Typically, the funds for teacher training are spent on staff transport and food for sessions held off the project campus, or for transport and hospitality for visiting teachers from other successful schools, for sessions held on the project campus.)
  • £750 for re-roofing of 3 small classrooms at Gramodaya Primary School, APK
Expenditure on other schools and projects:

Progress reports

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - general progress

There are now 245 children enrolled in the school. 78% of the children come from Scheduled and Backward categories. 34% are girls. 24 pupils received government scholarships, 75 received IVCS scholarships, and the remainder were able to pay the modest fees themselves.

In the absence of a proper head teacher, Ms Babita Singh worked well as a senior teacher.

Two new assistant teachers had to be recruited during the academic year.

In April, a new qualified head teacher was appointed, and will take over from 25 June 2007.

Two vehicles (purchased by the APK project from its own funds) have worked well to provide transport for students from their home villages to the school.

The roofs of three low rooms have been raised and rebuilt.

Training day for project staff

All the APK project staff, including teachers from the APK schools, were taken to Naraura for a day's training on Saturday 31 March.

Naraura is a small town on the banks of the Ganges, about 45 miles from APK.

The coach carrying the staff arrived at the venue, a local junior high school, at 10am and staff were given an hour of free time to go down to the Ganges and take a dip. Then at 11am the first training session began.

There were three sessions during the day with a short break for a picnic lunch. In the first session, staff were encouraged to describe any problems that they faced or were concerned about. In the second, possible solutions to these problems were discussed openly and freely. In the third, an action plan for the year ahead was prepared. The main issues that were raised and discussed included improving the quality of teaching, the importance of results and maintaining a better relationship with pupil's parents/guardians and all members of staff. The issue of the science fair and its usefulness was also discussed in detail.

Krishi Audyogik Intercollege, Amarpurkashi

There are now 855 children enrolled in the school, of whom 30% are girls. The number of girls has risen steadily over the years.

91% of the children come from Scheduled and Backward categories (the economic groups which are classed by the Indian Government as underprivileged).

The Indian Government provided scholarships for all children who needed them (360 scholarships in total), and so no scholarships were needed from project funds.

Gramodaya Junior High School at Jafar Pur

This school was set up in July 2004 at the request of residents of the village of Jafar Pur, with financial assistance from the IVCS children's scholarship fund. (read more about the school)

The number of students continues to rise. 168 students completed the academic session this year, of whom 79 received government scholarships. The percentage of girls has risen from 9% to 23%.

Thanks to a generous donation from another organsation, the Asian Foundation for Philanthropy, a boundary wall has now been built to make the school a safe and secure environment for the students, particularly important as the school is based in the middle of farming land and the nearest village is 2km away. Stray cattle used to wander on to the playground during the year.

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