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VRI Child Scholarship Fund: July 2009 - June 2010

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The balance at 30 June 2009 was £3,666.85

The income during the year (including interest) was £1,162.97

£1,875.00 was transferred to India during the year (in July 2009)

The balance at 30 June 2010 was £2,954.82

Breakdown of expenditure

The £1,875.00 transferred to India was used as follows:

Amarpurkashi schools

  • £846.15 on scholarships for 100 pupils of Gramodaya Primary School
  • (note: this year the teachers' salary supplements were paid directly from APK project funds so no funds were requested from IVCS for this purpose)
  • £374.36 on the salaries for the school co-ordinators
  • £466.23 on the annual science fair, a lively and popular participative event which presents science, health and technology issues to school students from the whole of the surrounding area.
  • £64.10 on a 1-day outing for all APK staff, to reward their commitment and encourage team-building


The remaining £124.16 was held in reserve at APK.

Progress report

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - general progress

There are now 231 children enrolled in the school.

92% of the children come from Scheduled and Backward categories. 29% are girls.

Rajvir Singh, a disabled man from village Shah Pur was appointed teacher-coordinator from July 2009. As a result of his efforts, the number of children in the school went from 140 to 231. They came from a number of different villages in the surrounding area.

All 231 children received scholarships from the State Government (these are small scholarships covering only the cost of books, pencils and so on). 100 children also received VRI scholarships (covering school fees). Seven teachers work in the school, making the pupil/teacher ratio 33.

Science Fair

The Science Fair attracted many schools in the area, even some from nearby towns. It was a great success and students of the Krishi Audyogik Intercollege excelled.

Krishi Audyogik Intercollege, Amarpurkashi

This school has continued to slowly expand. There are now 898 children enrolled in the school, of whom over 37% are girls. The number of girls has risen steadily over the years.

93% of the children come from Scheduled and Backward categories (the economic groups which are classed by the Indian Government as underprivileged).

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