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VRI Child Scholarship Fund: July 2010 - June 2011

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The balance at 30 June 2010 was £2,954.82

The income during the year (including interest) was £866.21.24

£1,485 was transferred to India during the year

The balance at 30 June 2011 was £2,337.26

Breakdown of expenditure

The £1,485 transferred to India was used as follows:

  • £700 was transferred for scholarships, but in practice all children received adequate government scholarships this year, so the VRI scholarships were not needed. This money will therefore be held at APK for future use.
  • £275 on the salary for the school co-ordinators
  • £50 on vitamin supplements
  • £460 on the annual science fair, a lively and popular participative event which presents science, health and technology issues to school students from the whole of the surrounding area.


The balance held at APK at the end of the year was: £233.33 originally transferred for staff training (in years 2008-9 and 2009-10) ££700 originally transferred for scholarships which weren't needed

Progress report

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - general progress

There were 212 pupils at the school this year. 83% were from Scheduled and Backward Categories, and 42% were girls.

After an unsettled period for the school, a new head, Renu Singh, was appointed and, though very young and not yet formally qualified, proved very effective and efficient. We expect her to continue as head teacher of the school.

Krishi Audyogik Intercollege, Amarpurkashi

There were 885 pupils at the school this year. 89% were from Backward and Scheduled Categories, and 41% were female.

All students of 6th to 8th classes received the government-funded midday meals regularly throughout the year. All students from 6th to 12th class received government scholarships this year ranging from Rs.480 to Rs.1400 per student.

Science Fair

On Wednesday, 3rd November, the Annual Science Fair was organised with customary interest and zeal. It was again a huge success. It was inaugurated jointly by three professors of local degree colleges. The three professors visited all the stalls and expressed their profound appreciation of the work done by the students.

A generous range of prizes was given, including first prize of Rs 1000 won by Nanakchand Inter College, Chandausi for their model, “Environment Friend”, two second prizes of Rs 500 each, five third prizes of Rs 200 each and ten special prizes of Rs 100 each.

This is now an annual event with students participating from all our educational institutes as well as many local schools and colleges.

Gramodaya Junior High School at Jafar Pur

The school has grown to 247, and we are pleased that the school is now attracting more girls; the percentage of girls has grown grown to 38% this year.

This year an application to upgrade the school to a high school has been submitted to the state government.

Two new class rooms have been added this year with funds raised by VRI (see Rural Development Fund report).

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