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VRI Child Scholarship Fund: July 2011 - June 2012

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The balance at 30 June 2011 was £2,337.26

The income during the year (including interest) was £822.20

£510 was transferred to India during the year

The balance at 30 June 2012 was £2,649.46

Breakdown of expenditure

The £510 transferred to India was used as follows:

  • £50 on vitamin supplements
  • £460 on the annual science fair, a lively and popular participative event which presents science, health and technology issues to school students from the whole of the surrounding area.
  • £In addition, £233 held in reserve at APK was spent on teacher training (see below)


The balance held at APK at the end of the year was: £233.33 originally transferred for staff training (in years 2008-9 and 2009-10) ££700 originally transferred in year 2010-11 for scholarships (which weren't needed, as government scholarships were provided)

Progress report

Gramodaya Primary School, Amarpurkashi - general progress

There were 250 children at the school, an increase on last year. Nearly all children received a government scholarship so no scholarships were needed from VRI funds.

The Acting Head, Renu Singh, has now settled into her role and is managing the school very well. For the first time, all the salaries of the teachers are being paid by fees received from the students. (In previous years, the head teachers did not make sufficient effort to get students to pay their fees so the school could never meet its expenses.)

Krishi Audyogik Intercollege, Amarpurkashi

Numbers dropped slightly this year, to 837.

All students of 6th to 8th classes received government-funded midday meals regularly throughout the year. In addition they received all their text books from the government. Nearly all students from 6th to 12th class received government scholarships this year amounting to over Rs. 600,000. Under the Government’s scheme of encouraging the education of girls, 18 female students have received Rs. 15,000 each and 12 have received a bicycle after they passed the eleventh year examination.

Science Fair

This was held on Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 and was once again a great success. It was inaugurated by Dr Kripa Shankar Varma, Assistant Director of Health for the division of Moradabad. First prize for the best science model made by students went to H.S.A. Inter College, Raja-ka-Sahaspur and second prize to Nanak Chand Inter College, Chandausi. This fair is now an annual event with students participating from all our educational institutes as well as many other schools and colleges.

Teacher's Training

On Sunday, 28th August, all teachers of the primary and secondary schools underwent a full day’s in-service training. They were then monitored for two days to check that they were following the correct methods of teaching.

On 22nd of September they were taken on a staff outing to Vrindaban, near Mathura. Here our old friend Dr Vineet Narain who has a house there and a large office showed us around various places and temples, told us all about the conservation work he is doing and gave an interesting talk on the history of Vrindaban. The tour was much appreciated.

Gramodaya Junior High School at Jafar Pur

There were 219 students enrolled at this school. 94% are from Scheduled and Backward Categories, and 36% are girls.

At long last the school has received state government approval to be a high school. After two years, we will apply for it to be an inter college.

Money from the VRI Rural Development Fund report was used to build two new classrooms and make a start on a third.

This year, all students were given government scholarships. The school now has a qualified headmaster, Pushpendra Singh.

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